My Finance Controller
My Finance Controller


Version 2.0.0 Build 3

With this application you can create a budget for each of your personal projects and keep track of your income and expenses. My Finance Controller is lightweight, easy and intuitive.

You can:

-. Create your own budgets, so you can set the amount of budget, date, end date, a threshold warning about the money used to start and some additional data.

-. The full version allows you to create many budgets without limits.

-. Customize your budgets, you can create your own names for the sections or groups to track your income and expenses.

-. Create sections as needed (only full version) Lite version allows you to create up to 3 sections per budget.

-. Registration for tracking all your income and expenses anytime in a simple screen to enter basic data such as: section, a brief description, type of delivery, value and date. With the full version can register inputs and outputs as needed.

-. Edit information budgets.

-. Edit information on receipts.

-. Remove budgets (enabled only full version)

-. delete sections

-. remove receipts

-. Send your budgets via email to any email account in CSV format, which can be opened with any spreadsheet computing application.

-. With the threshold set for every budget, the percentage of the budget executed with a light color will indicate the status of the budget:

Green: The money is used below the threshold.

Yellow: The money used is the threshold. At this point, you should check your expenses.

Red: The money used is 100% of its budget. At this point, you should check your expenses.

Thank you! Enjoy it!